note cluster

note cluster

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  • note cluster — noun Music a chord containing a number of closely adjacent notes …   English new terms dictionary

  • cluster — clu·ster s.m.inv. ES ingl. {{wmetafile0}} 1. TS astron. ammasso stellare, spec. globulare 2. TS scient. gruppo di unità affini o topograficamente prossime ma non strettamente collegate Sinonimi: grappolo. 3a. TS inform. numero di settori di disco …   Dizionario italiano

  • Tone cluster — Example of piano tone clusters. The clusters in the upper staff C♯ D♯ F♯ G♯ are four successive black keys …   Wikipedia

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  • Consonant cluster — In linguistics, a consonant cluster (or consonant blend) is a group of consonants which have no intervening vowel. In English, for example, the groups /spl/ and /ts/ are consonant clusters in the word splits. Some linguists argue that the term… …   Wikipedia

  • Globular cluster — s from the Sun and contains hundreds of thousands of stars. [cite news coauthors =The Hubble Heritage team url = title = Hubble Images a Swarm of Ancient Stars work = HubbleSite… …   Wikipedia

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  • Virgo Cluster — Observation data (Epoch J2000) Constellation(s) Virgo Coma Berenices …   Wikipedia

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